New Year, Same Goals, New Vigor

Well, It’s a new year, and of course I’m thinking about my goals – especially my creative goals. One of my major creative goals is to finish a novel and have it accepted for publication. That is lofty, of course, and I’m okay with that.

Since it is a lofty goal that is largely out of my control, my real, achievable goal right now is to work on creative writing projects for an hour a day. That isn’t a lot of time, I know, but I’m a homeschooling mother of four. I have to be realistic, too.

I have another major creative goal, and it is to draw (or sketch, paint, whatever – visual) a picture of a flower every day for a year.

I have been thinking that maybe I’ll post these on this blog, although I’m not sure that I’m ready to commit to posting here daily. That takes a lot of time that I’m not sure I have.

So – I won’t post daily. I think that I’ll post a highlight once a week. Here on Saturdays. That’s nice. I’ll pick my best picture, and I’ll think of a thought to go with it.

For now, here’s a favorite sketch from the week.

Globemallow sketch
Globemallow sketch

This is a sketch of a globemallow, or a Desert Globemallow. They grow all over the place here. We took a small hike in the nearby trails, and there was a large patch of globemallows growing. Naturally, I sketched it.

I think that they are pretty, even though I’m realizing they are ordinary.

Why is it that we think that something ordinary isn’t as beautiful as something rare? We overlook the Globemallows and the Brittle Bush blooms because they are so plentiful here in the Desert. Maybe I enjoy them so much because I didn’t grow up in the desert.

I’m trying to enjoy the ordinary more.

When I hiked with my kids, we took a long lunch. The intention was to let them play outside for at least an hour and a half. They need more outside time. I need more outside time. It was nice. I was tired, so I just laid down on the ground. It was kind of a strange feeling – to be in direct contact with the earth. There was no blanket, no mat, nothing between me and the desert floor.

At first, I kind of felt all creepy – what if there is a bug. Luckily, it is December, so there aren’t going to be any of the dangerous bugs or critters, and I was able to catch a few z’s.

I just had to wonder – is there energy? Is there a connection between us and the earth that we’re missing out on these days? It was nice to think about until my hips got sore from the hard ground. Then I got up, drew a globemallow, and went home.